Designing for Thixomolding

Thixoforming can help you design your parts from start to finish.

  • Think Plastics when designing for Thixomolding!
    • Runner designs are similar to plastics.
    • Uniform wall thickness is best.
    • Thick to thin flow when walls are not uniform thickness.
    • More draft is better but zero draft is possible in some cases.
    • Utilize coring, ribbing and bosses to reduce weight and minimize sinks.
    • Slides, cams and lifters possible for complexity.
    • Assembly with fasteners, adhesives and possible snap fit.
  • Gates are much larger than in plastics.
  • Larger venting and use of overflows in some cases.

Thixomolding specifics:

  • Minimum Part Size Wt ≈ 1.5 grams.
  • Minimum Wall Thickness t ≈ 0.5 mm = 0.020”.
  • Flow Distances (from Gate) as Far as 150×t.
  • Maximum Wall Thickness: t ≈ 10.16 mm = 0.40” with less than 2.5 % porosity.
  • Thicker walls are possible.